Microsoft has announced that they are increasing service fees on 微软365 for Las Vegas businesses starting in March 2022.

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If you’re not a fan of rising prices, we’ve got some less than stellar news. 微软365 Office 365的价格也在上涨. 虽然这可能不是一个受欢迎的信息, it’s important to remember that Microsoft is a business as well, 而且要赚钱. 虽然它不方便,但它是必要的. With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming changes.


Microsoft Hasn’t Raised Prices On Their 365 Product In A Long Time

Microsoft has faced some stiff competition in recent years from the Google Suite. 而谷歌没有薯片, 微软的清晰特征, 费用低廉使其成为一项颇具吸引力的功能. 尽管如此, Microsoft has some extra little features that helped justify the prices it charged, 尤其是它们并没有那么高.

微软于2011年首次推出365个程序, 虽然它添加了很多新功能, 价格保持不变. 事实上, 微软已经十多年没有提高价格了, 这在商界几乎是闻所未闻的.

It wasn’t exactly a smooth transition since most people were accustomed to purchasing software that you got to keep for life. The idea that you had to pay a subscription fee that must be renewed once a year was a novel thought that wasn’t exactly welcomed.

Things have worked out, 然而, as more businesses have chosen to adopt this plan. 价格不那么昂贵也有帮助. 事实上, depending on which plan you purchased, it might be even cheaper. 这也有助于你获得所有的更新,因为他们出来, 而且您的软件永远不会真正过时.

Even so, the news that prices are getting a bump isn’t exactly what everyone wants to hear. 那么微软为什么要这么做呢?

Inflation Driving Up Costs Of Delivering 微软365 Services

Everyone in the business world is feeling the pain from increasing inflation. There are a lot of reasons for this, and one of the biggest has been Covid. Many businesses were closed down either temporarily or permanently, 这对每个人都产生了广泛的影响.

It’s had a huge impact on everything from automobile purchases to airfare travel, 食品和饮料的价格. 不断上涨的天然气价格意味着货物运输成本增加, 这反过来就意味着更难获得供应.

The good news is that the government doesn’t expect this to last forever. 《新时代赌场主頁欢迎您》杂志顾问 报告, “The Fed has warned the public over these and other supply-chain issues, 太, saying that it’ll take time for sectors of the economy to get back to normal. Once these kinks are worked out, the Fed asserts, inflation will stop growing so quickly. 对于那些想买二手车的家庭来说,这并不是什么安慰, and consumers will need to be judicious with how they allocate their budget over the next few months. But weird price movements were an inevitable side effect of closing down the economy to quash the virus, 所以他们不应该完全出乎意料. 幸运的是, they’re likely to be short-lived though may persist while the Fed works to get people back to work.”

即便如此,这又有什么关系 微软提高了微软365和Office 365的价格? It’s not like they have physical parts that need to be installed. All you need to do is create an account, click a few buttons, and poof. 你的电脑上有微软365或Office 365.

这听起来很简单, 还有其他因素要考虑, 比如设计软件的程序员, 客户服务代表, 建造这些项目的设备成本, 和更多的. 这一切都需要微软付出代价, 随着通货膨胀的加剧, Microsoft is raising prices to make sure it continues to make a profit.


When news hits that prices are going higher as opposed to getting lowered, 人们很容易想到最坏的情况. Some may feel a wave of annoyance, while others may fear that they’ll have to find a cheaper option. The good news is that Microsoft isn’t raising the prices that much. 根据 边缘,价格将提高如下:

  • 微软365 Business Basic: original price $5 per user, updated price $6
  • 微软365 Business Premium: original price $20 per user, updated price $22
  • Office 365 E1:原始价格为每位用户8美元,更新价格为10美元
  • Office 365 E3:原价20美元/用户,更新价格23美元
  • Office 365 E5: original price $35 per user, updated price $38
  • 微软365 E3: original price $32 per user, updated price $36

这些价格是每月的, 而不是每年, so you’re looking at anywhere from $72 a year to $456 per person.


虽然价格上涨似乎没有那么多, 它可以很快开始累积, 特别是如果你需要购买多个订阅. 例如, 如果你有五名员工需要企业奖金, 大概要花1美元,每年320. On the other hand, if you have twenty employees, you’re looking at $5,280. This is an increase from $1,200 for five people and $4,800 for twenty.

That’s quite the price hike, especially if you have even more employees. Some may fear that the price increase may be 太 much and wonder if it’s really worth the money. 毕竟,通货膨胀不仅打击了微软. 小企业也感受到了痛苦, and some may not have the wiggle room to adjust quickly during the Pandemic.

微软的产品非常优秀, 然而, and the extra money is definitely worth what you’ll be paying for. 它具有云存储、 微软团队, business email, applications that can be used across a wide variety of devices, 和更多的.

对于小企业来说,这些都是必须的. Rather than purchasing multiple programs across a variety of platforms that may or may not work together, 你可以从微软的一个包中获得所有这些. There are a variety of plans, so there are lots of choices available to you.

If you’re not sure which is the right package for you or have other questions about IT problems, 新时代赌场主頁欢迎您 今天. We’ll help with all your It and security problems, so you can focus on running your business.